A Successful Wedding Reception Order Makes The Moments Ever Memorable

Wedding Reception Order

After the main wedding ceremony, the wedding reception order comes into place. Nowadays we all have the knowledge of the main order of events which takes place but not everyone knows about that. To plan and finish a wedding reception successfully one needs to follow a guidebook or take the help of a guide so as to know the perfect order of events and plan the wedding reception accordingly.

A Suggested Guide to a Wedding Reception Order:

a) First make way for the arrival of the guests. They may arrive shortly before or after the real wedding party so as to get the wedding photos taken. You need to arrange drinks and appetizers for them so as to let them enjoy the reception and have a great time.

b) Then the actual wedding relatives or part arrives at the spot. Keep the DJ so as to let him announce only the Bride and groom or the whole lot of wedding party as a part of wedding reception order.

Wedding Reception Order of Events

c) Next is the honored tradition of toasts. This tradition makes way for some kind and endearing words of encouragement for the bride and groom setting the tone and atmosphere of a wedding reception. First comes the order of the best man`s toast then the Maid of honor followed by the family members such as the father of the bride. You need to keep in mind the length of the toast tradition so as to not to make the guests bored and waiting for the dinner.

d) Next make way for the Blessing for the meal as a part of wedding reception order. This time the DJ needs to request everyone to arrive at the dinner table and take their seats before the blessing for the dinner. The blessing ceremony can be conducted by anyone such as the groom`s or the bride’s father or say grandfather or any other relative or special person chosen by the Bride and groom.

Wedding Reception Speech

e) Then the dinner gets served. The dinner style whether if it’s down one or buffet, the bride and the groom gets served first then the parents followed by the wedding party. If the style is buffet one the DJ would like to call the tables in order or the guests get served accordingly at the moment.

f) Up next comes the order of the Groom and Bride1s first dance, one of the most memorable moments of the wedding reception order. You can choose your favorite song for the dance which you will remember forever.

g) Next comes inline the Daddy daughter dance and the other memorable dances. This is the last dance of the daddy with this little daughter. Then the other guests get on the dance floor early so as not to feel lethargic after the dinner and also to have a great time.

h) The tossing of the garter and bouquet come next the bride gets to toss the bouquet over the single ladies of the party and the groom get to toss the garter to all of the single men.

i) Lastly is the sequence of the cutting of the cake, one of the most fun moments of the wedding reception order. The newly married bride and the groom cut the cake together for the first time and serve a piece to each other with fingers. This calls for a memorable photo shot followed by the guests dancing and enjoying among themselves and new married couple leaving early to get their honeymoon started.