Chinese Gender Calendar 2016

Chinese Gender Calendar 2016Are you interested in finding out all the essential details about the legendary astrological chart that it has been used in China, ever since the 13th century, for predicting the gender of a fetus and for discovering the periods when a woman has big chances of conceiving a baby of the preferred sex, either a girl or a boy? Would you like these essential details to be expressed clearly and in a few words? Are you preoccupied especially with the Chinese gender predictor chart corresponding to the year 2016? Well, I have good news for you: you are on the right webpage, because this succinct article contains all the aspects of this special table, and they are very well explained. If you would rather be interested in finding even more details about the Chinese calendar for the gender selection, read this article.

Although this useful post is focused on this interesting chart, it also covers the details regarding the manner of using it for the two purposes mentioned in the previous paragraph: sex prediction and sex selection. Anyway, this chart and the corresponding methods of gender prediction and predetermination should be considered useful only for entertaining purposes, because they lack any official information, scientific, empirical and statistical evidences. Moreover, the fact that there are so many twins of different genders, boy and girl, along with the fact that there are numerous persons of different genders that were conceived in the same Chinese lunar month by women with the same Chinese lunar age at conception clearly prove that these techniques are not reliable. In case you are still interested in them and in this chart, you can read the rest of this article.

Original and Gregorian Translated Charts

There are actually two versions of the Chinese baby calendar: a simple one and a Gregorian translated one, which contains all the details included in the simple chart, along with the Gregorian or Western or common periods corresponding to the Chinese lunar months and ages mentioned in the simple table. Each of the twelve columns of these two kinds of tables represents the Chinese lunar month in which a baby was conceived or will be conceived. Each of the rows of these two types of tables represent the mother’s Chinese lunar age at the moment when she conceived a baby or when she will conceive it. The cells represent the baby’s gender: boy or girl. Continue reading →