How to Make an Interesting Father of the Groom Speech

It is said that between the couple’s parents it is the bride’s father that becomes more emotional during the wedding celebration especially when it is time for them to deliver their speech.

However, the father of the groom is also holding his emotions for that day because of the mixed feelings that he too cannot explain himself. Both the groom and bride’s parents will have their moment to speak to tell their respective son or daughter everything that they want to impart for the couple.

Because of the sensitivity of the occasion and there are mixed emotions that linger to both sides it is just normal for those who will be speaking in front to be nervous and get lost for words.

This is why it is highly practical to have the father of the groom speech already prepared at hand so that the speaker can still have enough time to practice his lines so he will become comfortable with it.

It is not actually that hard to come up with that speech and the speaker can do it by himself (my friend Frank wrote about this on his blog a while ago) because it is something that you want to convey personally to your son and as well as to your would-be daughter in law. You definitely would want to have a speech that your son will never forget regardless of whether the guests won’t.

  • The very first thing that you should consider in writing your father of the groom speech is the feelings of your son. How do you think he would feel and how he would react when he hears your speech? You may talk about the experiences you had together like spending a vacation in your ancestral house and how you both enjoy fishing in the river. You may further elaborate specific events happened on that day like if there are some funny or memorable things that have transpired.
  • The main focus of your speech is obviously your son and a part for your daughter in law but you also need to consider the other audiences that will be listening to your speech so you must make it interesting, as far as possible add some humor to your speech and put some words that will catch the attention of your audience. This is your moment to be the center of everyone else’s attention so enjoy it while it last. Impress your audience and keep their eyes and ears focused on your speech while you’re at the stage speaking.
  • Lastly, when you have already stated how you love your son and how you cherish every moment you had with him since he was born and while he is growing; you would probably love to tell him how you are so proud that he has grown up to be the man he is now and, of course, you have to give him advice and wisdom about raising his own family, taking care of his wife and his future children. The speech doesn’t need to be a novel, but it should have most of the important spices.

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